Mohawk (sold)
Part of the 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' collection (featured in the NEWS/PRESS section) - Leather frame with hair extensions, horse hair, biot and peacock feathers, animal skull and vintage fur (the fur was used as a homage to the ancient communion of Native Americans with Nature).

Apache (sold)
Part of the 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' collection (featured in the NEWS/PRESS section) - black leather and fur felt hat with metallic ornaments and suede fringed scarf with metallic studs & skulls details.

Velvet and vintage striped see-through lace bonnet, trimmed with passementerie and fabric flowers.

Victoria Regina (sold)
Sinamay hat covered with lace, trimmed with passementerie, vintage bow, diamanté crown ornament and burnt peacock feather spray.

Fur felt hood trimmed with oversized fabric flowers, vintage cabochon, passementerie
and beaded lace panel on top.

Gloria (sold)
Vintage straw capeline, trimmed with lace flowers, jet tassel and antique lace veiling.

Lutens (sold)
Ivory sinamay and pinokpok base and swirls, covered with black waffle, tangle tuft and lace.

Black fur felt with vintage lace and ornaments, handmade dupion flowers with beaded stems. The vintage block used for this hat does not belong to me and, therefore, cannot be reproduced.

Talulah (sold)
Black sinamay crown covered with vintage lace, sinamay flower with veiling, coque feathers and vintage French jet button.

Theda (donated to the 'Sophie Lancaster Foundation')
Black wool felt hood with passementerie trimmings, ruffled ribbons, tassels and beaded lace ornament.

Greta (sold)
Black wool felt with vintage lace and ribbon, vintage coque, ostrich and marabout feathers.

Gigi (sold)
Black wool felt with celluloid sequinned flower.

Frances (sold)
Dark red wool felt with vintage coque feather mount and veiling.

Amaya (sold)
Wool felt turban hat, trimmed with fabric flowers and black 'Pollock' paint pattern at the back.

Fée d'argent
Silver sinamay covered with 'spiderweb' lace, fabric orchids and veiling.

African Queen
Animal print fur felt with vintage passementerie, feather mount and Art Déco bone brooch.

Lilly D. (sold)
Red fur felt hat with bow, pheasant and peacock feathers and passementerie ornament.

Black Butterfly (sold)
Leather bow on a blocked sinamay base covered with beaded lace and crystals.

Edwina (sold)
Leather bow on a blocked sinamay base covered with beaded tulle.

Vivien (sold)
Vintage navy fur felt with vintage mantilla, ribbon and bow.

Lana (sold)
Pink wool felt with vintage lace, vintage ornament, vintage French jet button, and tassel covered with crystals.

Lili Marlene (sold)
Vintage black fur felt and lace.

Sheila (sold)
Vintage tartan fabric garrison cap with ribbon, crochet and tassel trimming.

Black Widow (sold)
Straw teardrop base covered with lace, satin flowers and tulle.

Circular straw base with curled pheasant feathers, vintage velvet bow, leather ornament, glass bead and crystals on headband.

Minnie (sold)
Circular sinamay base covered with lace, satin and tulle bow, crystals on headband.

Bow-licious #1 (sold)
Embellished double felt and sinamay bow on haircomb.

Bow-licious #2 (sold)
Embellished sinamay bow with vintage passementerie and coque feathers on haircomb.

Candy Floss (sold)
Small circular straw base with crin twirl and biot feathers, on a ribbon-covered headband.

Fuzzbox (donated to the 'Celia Hammond Trust')
Tulle and veiling bow with feathered butterfly wings and ribbon on a passementerie-covered headband.

Shéhérazade (sold)
Beaded gold sinamay with vintage chains on a passementerie-covered headband.

Cancan (sold)
Wool felt top hat with ribbons, passementerie trimmings, coque feather mount and vintage flower.

Victoria (sold)
Circular sinamay base, with vintage lace, vintage French jet ornaments, marabout and curled pheasant feathers.

Gothica (sold)
Black lurex flower with antique metallic and celluloid ornaments, antique jet-beaded fringes, antique lace, crow and magpie feathers on an elastic hairband.

Belle Epoque (sold)
Circular plaited fabric base with antique curled feather mount, vintage celluloid flower and antique French jet chain on an elastic hairband.

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